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Oasis - Part Of The Queue

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Suddenly I found that I'd lost my way in this city.
The streets and the thousands of colours all bleed into one.
I fall down, heaven won't help me. I call out, no one would hear.
All of a sudden I'd lost my way out of this city.
Stand tall, stand proud. Every beginning is breaking its promise.
I'm having trouble just finding some soul in this town.
The names on the faces in places they mean nothing to me.
It's all they can do to be part of the queue in this town.
I fall down, heaven won't help me. I call out, no one will hear.
There'll be no tomorrow they say. Well I say more's the pity.
Stand tall, stand proud. Every beginning has broken its promise.
I'm having trouble just finding my soul in this town.
But I’ll keep on trying, I keep on trying...

Vanliga bilder blev med ens tråkiga

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If all girls started wearing no make up and comfortable cloths, guys would have no choice but to fall for girls because of natural beauty.

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For working hard on my pleasantries

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Tråkig jävla dag.

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Tråkig jävla dag.
I wanna be someone's idea of perfect.

Ja, som rubriken säger: detta var en händelselös dag. Vet inte hur jag ska resonera kring morgondagen. Back to school. Känns mest konstigt, det var ju evigheter sen. Men det ska nog gå, det med. Lär väl sova snart så jag orkar komma upp åtmonstone. Hehe.. what else? Någon mer som börjar skolan imorgon, eller har alla elever redan börjat? :)

What about now?

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Street Lights

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Don't make me shake my booty

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